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In general, most foreign nationals require an advance visa to enter Myanmar. Reconsider travel to Burma due to COVID-19. Hotel/guest house prices in touristy places (including Yangon) are currently rising very fast. On well traveled routes (Mandalay - Pyin U Lwin, for example), they fill up quickly and the journey is quick. It is also possible to go out of the country on the land border with an expired visa. The ISO abbreviation is MMK and that is what we use in all our guides. Note that even with a guide you're not really under his control, he can (and will) offer an advice, but it is up to you to disregard it. Drivers will almost never yield to pedestrians, even on striped pedestrian crossings. It will cost you the price of the return flight tickets and slight delay to your journey. You should have copies of your flight, hotel booking and they will ask you to fill out a form, paste a passport photo, write a letter explaining your intent, and Rs. This invaluable local knowledge enables us to recommend only the best places on your tailor-made Myanmar tour and provide you expert, personal assistance every step of the way. The MMK symbolisation is placed before the amount with no intervening space. Dawei can also be reached through the Phu Nam Ron border crossing along Kanchanaburi in Thailand. As of October 2013, Vietnamese citizens no longer need tourist visas for stays of up to two weeks.
Rabies, among other viruses and bacteria, are common in stray animals and they therefore should not be touched, or even approached if avoidance is possible. Hotels, with a few exceptions, are usually clean though, at the budget end, sheets and blankets may be threadbare and the rooms may be poorly ventilated. Old Toyota pickup trucks run everywhere in Myanmar, inexpensively ferrying men, women, children, and monks from one place to another. Some dishes to try are: Most Burmese restaurants are served cafeteria-style where you go to a counter of pre-cooked items and pay for what you select (tourists pay a higher price than locals, but still in a reasonable $10/meal range). Some of the isolated and difficult to reach beaches in Myanmar are located in southern Myanmar. Take a look at this video by Lonely Planet on Myanmar. Flush with lush forests decorating green mountains, and magnificent bodies of water teeming with endemic species, the country is perfect for nature lovers. The e-Visa permits admission through the following airports: Note that if you received the e-Visa, you will NOT receive a visa sticker in your passport upon arrival, just the regular entry/exit stamps. Miniskirts, shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed in consecrated areas, where you also have to remove your footwear, so loafers and flip-flops that can be slipped on and off are highly recommended. It is not extendable. It takes two days to obtain the visa. The following table summarizes travel time and prices between most visitable places in Myanmar (note: prices are approximate, check with more up to date and reliable sources! Taung Pyone Spirit Festival celebrates two souls of brothers who were believed to be executed at the village for failing to complete the Taung Pyone pagoda. One of the most recent discovered fun activities in Ngwe Saung Beach is underwater diving. Make sure you send your passport to the embassy at least 1 month before travel. Although the new government is nominally civilian, in reality the same military figures are still largely in charge. MPT has a good coverage throughout Myanmar, providing a wide range of GSM, CDMA, land phone and many services. There is also a wide variety of beautiful silverware and jewelery as well as textiles, including gorgeous silks and handicrafts such as wooden carvings, silk paintings and stonework. If you have GBP that you want to change, it's worth asking around, as some may accept it although not have it listed on their electronic boards (e.g. You can get a visa from the Myanmar Consulate at 57K Ballygunge Circular Road in Kolkata. In practice, this law is rarely if ever enforced, and it is unheard of for a foreigner to get into trouble with the authorities for neglecting this rule. Parcels, letters, and postcards tend to reach international or domestic destinations quite quickly and reliably compared to countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, or Laos. Its name is a form of the Sanskrit word Iravati which refers to the river Ravi in northwestern India…, Bangkok and Yangon are two biggest cities in their countries as Thailand and Myanmar.

Upon arrival at Yangon International Airport, ask for advice from the information desk.
The best way to enjoy fresh, chilled beer is to sit at a restaurant/beer station that displays the Myanmar Beer sign and ask for a glass of freshly poured draught beer. Accidents and fatalities are common. There are a number of tricks and scams running around Myanmar trapping tourists who are carrying US dollars. Paste one photo. When taking a taxi from downtown to the airport, mention to the driver that you are on a domestic flight so you'll not end up in the wrong terminal. Oftentimes, paying the equivalent of fifty cents is worth the expedited service. Myanmar has some of the most stunning temples in Asia and you will be tempted to visit more than you think. This page was last edited on 2 August 2020, at 08:32. It is certainly permissible, and, in fact, recommended, for foreigners to buy and wear longyi, as they are comfortable and acceptable in any social situation whatsoever. Burmese cuisine itself is very unhealthy with a lot of deep fried items swimming in oil, so Thai and Chinese restaurants will be a good option to look for a break. Some visitors also consider avoiding planes and even trains (which are operated by the government). No trip to Embassy is required. Another way is to arrange for a car through a travel agency, though it can be quite expensive.

Is it safe? Address elders with U (pronounced "oo", as in soon) or "Uncle" for men, and Daw or "Auntie" for women. No need for dollar bills at all during visit (hotels, taxis or sights). Explore Myanmar (Burma) holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. It is managed by a french couple and is specialized in cruising Myanmar. Simply walk in and ask for the medicine that you want.

"Finding George Orwell in Burma" by Emma Larkin.

Companies that can help with internal visas. A tourist visa is valid for (3) months from the date of issue.

Other popular brands are Mandalay Beer, ABC Stout, and Tiger Beer. The basics of pickups are fairly straightforward, wait till it is reasonably full before heading out. Simply upload your photo and a scanned copy of your passport to get the approval letter. UPDATE: It seems that the Embassies are no longer issuing "Arrival Forms" (as of June 2016 in Bangkok). The main advantage of diving in Burma is being alone on the dive sites. If you have the time and patience this is the most recommended choice as you don't need to bear any of the costs of your retrieval and denies the officials opportunity to gain any benefit from you, but they are also perfectly aware it will be the most inconvenient option for you. A window near the front of the bus is always the best option.

On several routes connecting Yangon with other popular tourist destinations, like Mandalay and Inle Lake, you can find "VIP" buses with a 2+1 configuration, which is two large leather seats on one side, and a single seat on the opposite side and a generally clean toilet. The only hospital that comes close to modern developed standards is Pun Hlaing Hospital, a privately owned hospital which is in a remote township of Yangon called Hlaing Thar Yar, and one should expect very high expenses there. Always have hand sanitizer ready, since most germs are spread through hand contact. October 17, 2016 at 11:39 am.

With the increase in tourism in Myanmar, you should have no trouble finding luxurious accommodation in Myanmar if you are prepared to pay over USD80 per night for it. Because the government is slowly becoming more progressive, many of Myanmar's people have made efforts to inform themselves of domestic and international events, and it is increasingly common for people to be willing to discuss politics. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. It is one kind of traditional clothes in the…, As the country’s last royal capital, Mandalay has its own history and many famous sites to visit. If you use the Lonely Planet 2011 guide book expect to multiply the listed prices by 3 or even 4 (November 2013). Some compromise is inevitable, not least because the military can veto a proposed change to the constitution to allow Aung San Suu Kyi (as someone who married a foreign national) to run for President. offers dive cruises for up to 12 divers. The duration of your stay in Myanmar is 28 days from the date of arrival. In cities, it is also considered illegal to cross an amber light without stopping. 6) Remote Asia Travel [9] For an increasing number of travellers, going on holiday doesn’t mean lazing on a beach or touring sights. As in most developing countries, the railway system is not up to European or American standards, but, while the cars' motions may make the journey seem exceptionally dangerous (swaying back and forth while crossing a river has scared many Westerners), rail travel is a perfectly viable way to see the country. This permit is required by Myanmar, to enter and to exit that border. @2020 MyanmarTravel.Com, Myanmar Currency - Money Suggestions for Travelers in Myanmar, Irrawaddy River - Famous Waterways of Myanmar. In August, the Myanmarese celebrate Yadana Gu Spirit Festival, an occasion for spirit-worshipping that involves mediums dancing and getting possessed by Nat, or spirits. Also convenient, because taxi drivers prefer kyats. Myanmar is a safe country for travelers. A top-off of 10,000 Kyat should last a week-two for moderate Internet usage and a few calls abroad. Myanmar has some nice and beautiful isolated beaches, some are seasonal beaches (closed during the monsoon season).

Copyright © 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. With the opening of the country the population also opened up, and now Burmese living in the large cities such as Yangon and Mandalay tend to dress up more openly, including short skirts, pants and shorts - while around the Inle Lake the vast majority of men and women are dressed up traditionally in a longyi.


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