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Following the launch, eight B-25s flew up the coast where General Doolittle and his son John P. Doolittle watched as each B-25 came in for a low pass, dropping 250 red, white, and blue carnations into the surf, concluding the event. Many of the names of the 80 flyers who took part in the April 18, 1942 raid on Japan may not be familiar to most, but collectively they will always be known in history as the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders. [49] Altogether, 12 of the survivors died in air crashes within 15 months of the raid. Two of the missing crewmen, bombardier S/Sgt. High command withdrew substantial air force resources from supporting offensive operations in order to defend the home islands; two carriers were diverted to the Alaskan island invasion to prevent them from being used as bomber bases and could not be used in the Midway operations. Harold A. Spatz, and Cpl. [58], Despite the minimal damage inflicted, American morale, still reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor and Japan's subsequent territorial gains, soared when news of the raid was released. The incendiaries were long tubes, wrapped together to be carried in the bomb bay, but designed to separate and scatter over a wide area after release. York after emergency landing in the Soviet Union, In order of launching, the 16 aircraft were:[21], On 1 April 1942, the 16 modified bombers, their five-man crews, and Army maintenance personnel, totaling 71 officers and 130 enlisted men,[note 5][20][26] were loaded onto Hornet at Naval Air Station Alameda. Doolittle’s Raiders: A Final Toast, the latest documentary film from Tim Gray Media and the non-profit World War II Foundation made its premiere at the Capitol in Washington, DC on May 18th as part of the 2015 GI Film Festival. There, the crews received concentrated training for three weeks in simulated carrier deck takeoffs, low-level and night flying, low-altitude bombing, and over-water navigation, operating primarily out of Eglin Auxiliary Field #1, a more secluded site. He legally changed his name to York in early 1942 before the raid. [20] The primary base was at Zhuzhou, toward which all the aircraft navigated, but Halsey never sent the planned signal to alert them, apparently because of a possible threat to the task force. A total of 16 B-25s were flown to NAS Alameda, California on 31 March. Instead, he flew the 10th bomber off. All Rights Reserved. The mission is complete... L to R - Ed Saylor, Dick Cole, Cadet, Cadet, David Thatcher, Historian C.V. Glines. The raid is depicted in the 2019 film Midway, with actor Aaron Eckhart portraying Jimmy Doolittle. For his efforts, Miller is considered an honorary member of the Raider group. An unusual consequence of the raid came after—when in the interests of secrecy—President Roosevelt answered a reporter's question by saying that the raid had been launched from "Shangri-La",[67][68] the fictional faraway land of the James Hilton novel Lost Horizon. Spencer Tracy played Doolittle and Van Johnson portrayed Lawson. Chennault had built an effective air surveillance net in China that would have been extremely helpful in bringing the planes in for safe landings. © Copyright 2020 Frontiers of Flight Museum. The B-25s then flew toward Japan, most in groups of two to four aircraft, before flying singly at wave-top level to avoid detection. By 9:30 fuel was low and unable to find an airfield in the heavy fog, Doolittle ordered his crew to bail out among the mountains of China. The change was not discovered until the raiders were at sea, and the extra flying distance caused by the premature launch meant that the B-25 had no chance of reaching the Chinese coast. [15], On 25 March 1942, the remaining 22 B-25s took off from Eglin for McClellan Field, California. He retired in January 1967 and lives in Comfort, Texas. The Japanese troops retaliated by burning down the city.[44]. Enterprise's fighters and scout planes provided protection for the entire task force in the event of a Japanese air attack, since Hornet's fighters were stowed below decks to allow the B-25s to use the flight deck. Untreated after transfer to Letterman Army Hospital and a military hospital in Clinton, Iowa, Barr became suicidal and was held virtually incommunicado until November, when Doolittle's personal intervention resulted in treatment that led to his recovery. Frank Kappeler and Thomas Griffin also lived to age 96, but did not live as many months as Doolittle. The ships proceeded in radio silence. Without Doolittle's knowledge and in violation of his orders, both carburetors on York's plane had been replaced by depot workers in Sacramento. No names or details were given. All 80 Raiders were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and those who were killed or wounded during the raid were awarded the Purple Heart. Of the 16 planes and 80 airmen who participated in the raid, all either crash-landed, were ditched, or crashed after their crews bailed out, with the single exception of Capt. Doolittle then flew west to reach the coast of China after dark. The range of the Mitchell was about 1,300 miles, so the bombers had to be modified to hold nearly twice the normal fuel reserves. Each aircraft carried four specially constructed 500-pound (225 kg) bombs. The Raiders drank a toast using a bottle of cognac that accompanied the goblets to each Raider reunion. [73], Seven other men, including Lt. Miller and raider historian Col. Carroll V. Glines, are considered honorary Raiders for their efforts for the mission. Despite the loss of these 15 aircraft, 69 airmen escaped capture or death, with only three killed in action. The Japanese, through a small amount of intercepted radio traffic between Halsey and Mitscher, were aware that an American carrier force was at large in the. After the war, he had assignments in Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma and California, and was an advisor to the Venezuelan Air Force from 1959 to 1962. The bottle and the goblets had been maintained by the United States Air Force Academy on display in Arnold Hall, the cadet social center, until 2006.
The shuttle bombing run was a better carrier task force tactic since there was no need to wait for the returning aircraft. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: THE HEART OF OUR HISTORY, Premiere at GI Film Festival, Washington, DC. Spatz was buried with military honors at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. The plan called for them to bomb military targets in Japan and to continue westward to land in China. Hornet and Task Force 18 got underway from San Francisco Bay at 08:48 on 2 April with the 16 bombers in clear view. This mission showed that a B-25 takeoff from a carrier was easier than previously thought, and night operations could be possible in the future. DMN Park Cities [90], In September 2016, the Northrop Grumman B-21 was formally named "Raider" in honor of the Doolittle Raiders. On 15 August 1942, the United States learned from the Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai that eight of the missing crew members were prisoners of the Japanese at the city's police headquarters. Vincent Riotta played Jimmy Doolittle.
Of the 80 crew members, 77 survived the mission. The raid was planned, led by, and named after Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle, later General of the United States Air Force. The carburetors of the B-25s had been carefully adjusted and bench-marked at Eglin Field for maximum fuel efficiency in low level flight. [64], "It was hoped that the damage done would be both material and psychological. [41][42][43] Some of the men who crashed were aided by Irish Bishop of Nancheng, Patrick Cleary. Five bombs had Japanese "friendship" medals wired to them—medals awarded by the Japanese government to U.S. servicemen before the war.[28]. In November 1942, it deployed overseas to North Africa, where it operated in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations with the Twelfth Air Force for the remainder of the war.


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