bellefonte nuclear plant
It's the latest development in the slow-moving saga that began when Nuclear Development won the purchase rights for Bellefonte at a 2016 TVA auction. TVA owns the plant and the purchase is tied up in court. [10] In December 2012, TVA said the Watts Bar 2 project was on schedule to finish in December 2015. [21] Nuclear Development LLC made agreements to partner with SNC-Lavalin and Enercon Services, Inc. in the completion of the project. [11] TVA again announced staffing cuts at the plant in June 2013, reducing staffing at the plant from 540 to approximately 140. Tennessee Valley Authority Application for a Combined Licence, AEC REGULATORY STAFF'S PROPOSED FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW IN THE FORM OF A PROPOSED PARTIAL INITIAL DECISION ON ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS AND SITE SUITABILITY, NRC: Bellefonte Nuclear Site, Units 3 and 4 Application,, TVA plan for Ala. nuclear plant drops to 1 reactor, "$248M OK'd for TVA Bellefonte site in Ala", "TVA board approves construction of nuclear plant", "TVA cuts contractors at Alabama Bellefonte nuclear site",, "TVA Indefinitely Delays Bellefonte Nuclear Project", "TVA slowing work, cutting jobs at Bellefonte Nuclear plant, project's future being assessed", "Critics Blast Plan for Private Financing of TVA's Bellefonte Nuclear Plant", "TVA mulls potential sale of Bellefonte plant", "TVA board votes to sell Bellefonte nuclear plant to highest bidder", "For sale: Multibillion-dollar, non-working nuclear power plant, as is", "TVA sets auction date for Bellefonte nuclear power plant", "Bellefonte nuclear plant sold for $111 million at auction, company plans $13 billion investment", "Haney wins bidding contest for abandoned nuclear plant", "Georgia firm to help build nuclear power plant in Bellefonte",,,,, Bellefonte Image Gallery on Nukeworker website,, Anti-nuclear movement in the United States, List of cancelled nuclear reactors in the United States, Nuclear reactor accidents in the United States, Cancelled construction on 01.01.1988, but planned to resume construction. [28] In the meantime, TVA is continuing to maintain Bellefonte in [24][25][26] Haney says he hired Cohen to pursue investment from a Qatari sovereign fund and that neither he nor Cohen sought to lobby Trump about DOE loan guarantees. Starting after its termination in 2005, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) implemented an investment recovery effort to recoup some of the costs associated with Bellefonte. These units are of the same design as WNP-1, which is also unfinished, and as the Mülheim-Kärlich A reactor in Germany, which operated for three years and proved the design. In addition to the useless NRC, our political know-it-alls, the Environmental Protection Agency, forced TVA to start cooling the water from the condensed steam to protect the fish in the river when the water in the river is heated less than 2 degrees Fahrenheit by this tepid water. Meaningful construction progress at the site was halted in 1988. Tennessee Valley Authority Application for a Combined Licence, AEC REGULATORY STAFF'S PROPOSED FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW IN THE FORM OF A PROPOSED PARTIAL INITIAL DECISION ON ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS AND SITE SUITABILITY, NRC: Bellefonte Nuclear Site, Units 3 and 4 Application,, TVA plan for Ala. nuclear plant drops to 1 reactor, "$248M OK'd for TVA Bellefonte site in Ala", "TVA board approves construction of nuclear plant", "TVA cuts contractors at Alabama Bellefonte nuclear site",, "TVA Indefinitely Delays Bellefonte Nuclear Project", "TVA slowing work, cutting jobs at Bellefonte Nuclear plant, project's future being assessed", "Critics Blast Plan for Private Financing of TVA's Bellefonte Nuclear Plant", "TVA mulls potential sale of Bellefonte plant", "TVA board votes to sell Bellefonte nuclear plant to highest bidder", "For sale: Multibillion-dollar, non-working nuclear power plant, as is", "TVA sets auction date for Bellefonte nuclear power plant", "Bellefonte nuclear plant sold for $111 million at auction, company plans $13 billion investment", "Haney wins bidding contest for abandoned nuclear plant", "Georgia firm to help build nuclear power plant in Bellefonte",,,,, Bellefonte Image Gallery on Nukeworker website,, Anti-nuclear movement in the United States, List of cancelled nuclear reactors in the United States, Nuclear reactor accidents in the United States,, Nuclear power stations using AP1000 reactors, Cancelled nuclear power stations in the United States, Buildings and structures in Jackson County, Alabama, Nuclear power stations using pressurized water reactors, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Nuclear power station articles using Infobox power station, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Cancelled construction on 01.01.1988, but planned to resume construction, This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 22:46.


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